Aloro Alex

Aloro Alex




West Nile


TEAM RESILIENCE Consultancy Company


English (Good), Juba-Arabic (Good), Bari (Good), Kakwa (Good), Swahili (Good)


  • knowledge and skills on Sound speaker’s assembly, production and repairs.
  • Hands-on skills on wooden power extension cables production.
  • Experience in electrical and mechanical repairs (radios, phone, sound systems, generators, motorbikes, solar lanterns and solar systems).
  • Knowledge in DSTV and other satellite television installation (Euro star, Star Times).
  • Experience in Automotive repair and maintenance with a certificate from Madi and West Nile Economical Vocational Center.

  • Ability to mobilize community members for an activity.
  • I have over 4 years’ experience in organizing community events.
  • Experience in translation of message from English to the local languages such as Bari, Kakwa, Arabic and Lubgarati.
  • Operation of public address system during events.

  • Alex Worked as procurement and logistics officer for 2 years with Community Technology Empowerment Network(CTEN-Uganda) with recommendation from Sudan Christian University.
  • Over 2 years’ experience in driving with Community Technology Empowerment Network(CTEN-Uganda).
  • Knowledge and skills in making budgets.
  • Ability of making financial and logistical reports.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Coordination with stake holders.
  • Ability to manage team members and work as a Team.


Aloro Alex is a visionary South Sudanese on a profound mission to uplift and enhance the lives of marginalized communities by nurturing a culture of self-empowerment and sustainable income generation within their unique environments.

Aloro’s journey as a catalyst for positive change emerged from a profound dream, kindled by his deep concern for the disadvantaged groups around him.

Witnessing the unfortunate proliferation of societal ills such as rape, robbery, drug abuse, early marriage, and the heartbreaking specter of school dropout among the youth, Aloro resolved to channel his expertise towards a constructive purpose.

A creative innovation personality, Aloro Alex has emerged as a beacon of hope and transformation within Rhino Camp, where he resides as a refugee.

Drawing inspiration from the challenges he observed, he crafted a mission to equip individuals with the skills and mindset needed to thrive amidst their circumstances. His approach is founded on nurturing a mindset that not only adapts to the environment but actively leverages it as a wellspring of opportunities.

Aloro’s dedication and expertise converge to create a unique blend of inspiration and action. With an unwavering commitment to empower the marginalized, he has become a trusted guide, showing them the path towards self-reliance. His initiatives have breathed life into innovative solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, crafting new avenues for sustainable income generation and personal growth.

Beyond being an advocate for change, Aloro Alex embodies the spirit of resilience and determination. His visionary journey serves as a testament to the boundless potential that can be unlocked when creativity meets purpose.

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Aloro Alex is a visionary South Sudanese on a profound mission to uplift and enhance the lives of marginalized communities by nurturing a culture of self-empowerment and sustainable income generation...

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