Asiki Moses Godfrey

Asiki Moses Godfrey




West Nile


Save Young Lives Foundation Uganda (SYLFU)


English (Fluent), Kakwa (Good), Juba-Arabic (Good)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Social works and social administration.
  • Awarded a certificate for public pitching by CTEN in partnership with r0g Agency under the #ASKNet programme.
  • Ability to organize and facilitate workshop’s/training activities
  • Am able to provide one on one psychotherapy for individuals under trauma as a result of my high interpersonal, relational and * strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Possess excellent communication skills both written and oral
  • 3 years’ experience in community mobilization and awareness
  • Advocate of all times to improve policy reforms, and other unjustifiable action against vulnerable or marginalized groups hence realization of social justice and well-being rights of all individuals at their communities.

  • Ability to carry out data collection both paper based and digital tools such as ODK, Kobo-Collect including data analysis using SPSS
  • Knowledge of data entrance using Excel and SPSS

  • Certificate in basic ICT
  • Experience in connecting and using internet for research,
  • Ability of using offline computer programs (Microsoft office suit) and online platforms, basic social media experience,
  • Knowledge in installing and using software programs.
  • Ability to digitally organize meetings and communicate digital.

  • Ability to organize meeting and coordinate with stake holders
  • Knowledge in planning, implementing and reporting
  • Ability to develop project budget
  • Knowledge and evaluation of a project


I’m ASIKI MOSES GOFREY a well-informed, oriented and educated youth who is a social worker by profession with proficient working experience in marginalized and vulnerable communities, as an individual, group or even organization and dedicated to serving with dignity and integrity through creativity and innovativeness to create a positive impact for all client or people with special needs.

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