Dawa Edina Hillary

Dawa Edina Hillary




West Nile




English (Very good), Arabic (very good), Kakwa (mother tongue, very good), Lugbara (good)


I have experiences repairing electronics, hardware maintenance and managing repair cafes

  • Diploma in Information Technology - where I learnt about repairing electronic devices.
  • CISCO Instructors training - I participated in several CISCO Instructors trainings - which equipped me with the required knowledge for repairing appliances.
  • Repair cafe - I participated in DIY ASKnet training in 2018 and online track II ASKnet training project (Remote Open-Tool collaboration) where I participated in facilitating repair cafe events in Rhino camp.

My DIY Solar Generator Repository on Github

Web Development. Programming (Coding) skills using html, C#, C++, Vb.net and basic python skills. Software installation and maintenance. social media skills.

  • Diploma in Information Technology

I have skills experiences in data collection and analysis, privacy, personal data security and encryption.

  • Diploma in Information Technology where I learnt a course unit called Data collection and analysis and it has the required content for data collection.
  • UNHCR partners data management training - In 2021 I participated in a UNHCR and MapUganda led training on Spatial data collection and analysis, Kobo and powerBI which gave me additional knowledge concerning data.

I have basic knowledge and experiences on Audio and video editing and graphics skills.

  • Diploma and Certificate in Information Technology


Hello! I am Dawa Edina Hillary, a second time refugee in Uganda, I’m a South Sudanese citizen, age 35, Diploma in Information Technology holder.

I was born in Rhino camp refugee Settlement in Uganda, I started my education journey in Uganda after completing my O - level (Senior four) in 2010 decided to return home to Yei - South Sudan but unfortunately the tribal war started in 2013, so I had no option than to become a refugee again. I joined University in 2015 and graduated in 2018 with Diploma in information Technology.

My areas expertise are; Data management, electronic repair and maintenance, Video editing, Web development and basic programming (coding) skills.

Above all I love what I do and I do what I love

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