Joyce Akello

Joyce Akello






English, Acholi (very good), Arabic, Luganda (fairly good)


pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism and Communication. Actively participated in #ASKnet media literacy trainings

Co-Trainer in capacity building, #ASKnet

Knowledgeable in the use of platforms like github, wikifab for online team work and co-creation


Joyce Akele is a media student at Makere University with the expertie in Both Media and basic tech which include repairs, ICT literacy programs and radio related programs like radio features, podcasts etc, she gained most of her knowldge in her participation in the asknet project where she was the cordinator for a capcity building session (T rack 1) and as well a memeber of a network of organisations and HUbs that are centered at skilkling and informing their communities on a solution based approach of how they can solve local challenegs (asknet)

From 2018, where Joice started active participation in ASknet programs, she has much appreaciated the use of media and tech in the creation oof local soluytions hence her inspiration to study media in her University studies now.

Areas of interests and performance:

  • Team work/Team building
  • Communication
  • Community capacity building through media literacy. ie
    • Radio mini features
    • Easy features
    • Vox pops
    • Photo essays
    • Interviews

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