Kuena James Dak

Kuena James Dak


South Sudan


Central Equatoria


Youth Social Advocacy Team (Ysat-South Sudan)


English (Fluent), Juba-Arabic (Good), Nuer (Native)


  • Certificate in graphics design and film production provided by (CTEN-Uganda)
  • Script writing
  • Animation
  • Video coverage
  • Video and film production
  • Audio recording and production
  • Graphics design

  • Certificate in computer application awarded by (CTEN-Uganda)
  • Ability to use Microsoft office suit (word, excel, PowerPoint)
  • Certificate in cyber security analysis
  • Certificate in Google IT support
  • Certificate in basic web development provided by Amara Hub

  • Certificate in human research from the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program)
  • 5 years experience in Data collection using Kobo collect and ODK


Kuena James Dak is a seasoned graphics designer renowned for his artistic vision and a passion for translating written narratives into captivating visual experiences.

With a remarkable knack for storytelling through videos and films, James has earned recognition and acclaim for his creative prowess.

Notably, he clinched the prestigious EU award for Youth with Refugees Art Regional Contest in 2020, followed by a resounding victory in the EU Stop Motion Animation Contest in 2021.

His innovative approach and impressive accolades showcase his exceptional talent and dedication to the world of visual arts South Sudanese refugee artist wins EU sponsored COVID-19 art competition

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