Levi Dedi

Levi Dedi




West Nile


Global Rehabilitation and Transformation Response (GRTR)


English (very good),Juba-Arabic (Fluent), Kawa (very good), Lugbara (good)


  1. Diploma in Information Technology
  2. Certificate in computer applications
  3. Computer Maintenance and repair
  4. Hands on repairs of solar systems and installation
  5. Certificate in building of internet dish made out local materials like mesh wire
  6. Attained trainings on the ASKotec skills
  7. Communication Dish (Mobile Cellular booster) developer through open source tech

  1. Certificate in Data collection skills and the ability to research 2. The knowledge of using Open data collection applications like Kobo-Collect, cam care, and ODK 3. Creation and management of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp. 4. Experience in conducting virtual meetings carried out online

  • Has 2 years of experience in the following fields:
  1. Project monitoring and evaluation with Certificate in project planning and management
  2. Community mobilization in terms of any advocacy projects
  3. Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  4. Organizing meetings in the organization
  5. Certificate in TOT trainer of the trainee in all the fields
  6. Certificate in pitching. Training organized by rog agency

  1. Community mobilization for an activity
  2. Certificate in counseling and guidance
  3. Organizing and facilitating training
  4. Activist in advocating for human rights especially the refugees in knowing their obligations in Uganda


Levi Dedi is a South Sudanese with a passion for helping communities through the use of tech for community transformation. He cherishes teamwork and loves football as a part-time hobby. Currently, he works as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for Global Rehabilitation and Transformation Response (GRTR).

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