Likambo Isaac Kangu

Likambo Isaac Kangu




West Nile


Community Initiative For Rehabilitation and Transformation


English (Fluently), Juba Arabic (Very Good), Kiswahili (Very Good), Keliko (Native), Kakwa (Fluently)


  • Holding a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration.
  • Working as a psychosocial Counselor and HIV, TB/ Leprosy Counselor in the Health Sector in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

  • Diploma in Community Development Studies
  • The Cofounder Community Initiative For Rehabilitation and Transformation and CEO of The Refugee Voice all Refugee Led Organization.
  • Youth advocate.

  • Certificate in IT
  • A singer and Digital Refugee Story Teller


Likambo Isaac Kangu is a highly skilled and dedicated professional with a diverse educational background and a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

He holds a Diploma in Social work and Social Administration, a Diploma in Pharmacy, and a Certificate in Journalism, giving him a unique combination of skills and knowledge that he brings to his work.

Currently, Likambo is working as a psychosocial counselor in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, where he provides essential support and guidance to refugees who have experienced trauma and other psychological challenges.

In this role, he draws on his extensive training in social work and his deep empathy for those in need to help his clients heal and move forward in their lives.

In addition to his work as a counselor, Likambo is a passionate advocate for refugee youth. He believes that these young people are a vital resource for the future and that investing in their education and well-being is essential for building stronger and more resilient communities.

Through his advocacy work, he seeks to raise awareness of the challenges faced by refugee youth and to promote policies and programs that support their growth and development.

Overall, Likambo Isaac Kangu is a committed and compassionate professional who is making a real difference in the lives of those he serves.

His dedication to his clients and his advocacy for refugee youth make him a valued member of the community and a role model for others in his field.

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