Seme Ludanga Faustino

Seme Ludanga Faustino




West Nile


Truth Works Iinternational


English (fluent), Juba Arabic (fluent), Bari (good), Kakwa (fluent)


  • Certificate in logistic and procurement management
  • Worked as assistant logistic officer at Kisito Healthcare International
  • HR/Project coordinator I can South Sudan

  • Certificate in ICT/Computer skills
  • Founder and director of eagle’s wing computer center
  • Trained youths in computer/basic ICT
  • Software installation
  • Conduct Online zoom and stream at meetings

  • He has experience in event management and facilitation
  • Conducted trauma healing trainings
  • Conduct gender equality awareness campaign
  • Have a Certificate in trauma healing
  • Certificate in event management
  • Organized football leagues

  • Certificate in photo and videography from WFP
  • Working with WFP as a digital story teller
  • He is a singer and song writer
  • Musical instrument player


Seme Ludanga Faustino is a versatile South Sudanese professional with expertise in organizational development, digital storytelling, photography, videography, event creation and management, singing, and songwriting.

His passion for music extends to playing various instruments such as the guitar and piano. Seme’s creative flair shines through his captivating photographs of both people and nature.

He thrives in collaborative environments and enjoys sharing his knowledge to empower others. Particularly, Seme is dedicated to mentoring young individuals, fostering their growth across multiple skill domains.

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